As Good a Day as Any

Director: Amalie Greger Madsen
Producer: Eneko Sanz & Amalie Greger Madsen
Genre: Feature-film (70 minutes)
Cast: Charlotte Uldall, Martín Elías, Amalie Greger Madsen
Status: Completed

SynopsisWithout notice a girl drives away, leaving a seemingly good life behind – and drives down through Europe. Fueled by a restlessness and an inexplicable sadness, she searches for something to take her out of her depressed state of mind. She visits an old friend of hers, who moved abroad years ago, and manages to fall for a hitchhiking, Spanish boy on the way. All three of them set out on a trip to take him to his hometown of Bilbao. As Good A Day As Any, is a slice-of-life road movie about young restlessness, and a girl’s small attempt to find her footing in the crossroads of life.


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