Cristiano Polato

Cristiano Polato is a freelance videomaker, with a background in mass communication studies, and always focused on writing, directing and editing of shorts, videos and commercials. His visual grammar tries to mix up images and sounds in search of new ways to explore situations, emotions, human being, places: life.


Festivals and Prices:

First we take Berlin Video Contest 2012, Berlin (D)
“berliner looping mosaic” (2012; writing, editing)
1st Price

Contest Eco 2012, Rome (I)
“Una nostra scelta” (2010; writing, directing, editing, music)
Audience Award
2nd Price – Official Jury

PlaxTech Contest for the Green Economy 2010, Udine (I)
“Una nostra scelta” (2010; writing, directing, editing, music)
2nd Price

Cortonogara 2007, Camponogara, Venice (I)
“Midnight rapsody” (2007; writing, directing, acting)


Videos from Cristiano are currently published on the following websites:

  • Yahoo!Screen Deutschland (“Schalu in 100 Sekunden” Serie)
  • Arte Channel – Arte Creative (F, D)
  • Stiftung gegen Gewalt an Frauen und Kindern, Bern (CH)
  • Looping Berlin, Zukunft in Zentrum GmbH, Berlin (D)
  • Impuls-in-Berlin, Räume für Wohlbefinden & Heilkunst, Berlin (D)
  • Berlin Recycling GmbH, Berlin (D)
  • Le Grande Orchestre du Tricorne, Paris (F)


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