Els Masos – Dificultats de la teoria

Selected for the Screenwriting Workshop FUFF 2017

Writer: Martin Oliveros Heinze
Director: Martin Oliveros Heinze
Producer: Eneko Sanz
Genre: Short Film (20 minutes)
Status: Project development

Synopsis: Father Josep decides to leave the rural parish to which he is assigned as the countrymen do not go to church anymore. Andreu, the deacon, is very sad with the idea of Josep leaving and continues the daily tasks waiting for his return. One day while chopping wood, Andreu finds  a piece of wood in which he believes to see the figure of the Virgin, but a few days later, and as Josep doesn’t return, he changes his mind about it, it is only a normal woman. Without eating and in a religious delirium, Andreu finds the verse in Ezekiel 34: 11-15 which speaks about seeking his own sheep and gather them from towns and land. Andreu begins to cut wood and gather stones of the valley to take them to the chapel. When he runs out of big rocks he begins to remove them from the walls of the clergy home and the chapel. Finally, Andreu makes Easter Mass before a crowd of statues made of stone and wood, but during the songs the chapel collapses. Andreu disoriented rises from the rubble and walks in the direction Josep left.

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