Run, Ahmed, run!

CORTO IMOLA FESTIVAL XXI EDIZIONE (Italy) – Official selection

Direction, drawings and motion graphic: Cristiano Polato
Music: Lessazo, ”Lendemain au café” from the album ”Soleil d’hiver”
Courtesy of Lessazo and Free Music Archive, WFMU, Jersey City
Sound effects: public domain sound effects from Soundbible and
Status: completed

Synopsis: ” Run, Ahmed, run! ” is a dreamlike journey lived in the mind of the ” migrant ”, seen as a living being that embodies beliefs, cultures, expectations, irony, reflections.
A journey that runs through that time, placed just before you see their battered coming from the sea, and soon after the decision to start the journey, which is the parenthesis of days or months that probably finds a migrant facing thoughts filled of past, present and hopes for the future.
Ahmed’s walk continues mechanic, always the same, punctuated by an imperturbable rhythm and identical in each of the places that his feet cross. As if to emphasize the monotony that the migrant, the ” migration ” took over our eyes.
The migration of peoples, or part thereof, under my point of view, is the central theme of Human History at this time; almost unnoticed, or without much clamour, on a daily basis masses of people undertake a journey that will take them beyond a barrier sometimes invisible, yet so important for them to overcome.
A movement of masses and volumes we are seeing every day, a time of great movement in the literal sense of the term. Thousands of people put on their plate single piece of dense, real, living presence, and they play their hand. We all do it, in different ways, and Leaving is one possible way, and possible worlds.
Run, Ahmed, in whatever form you choose to do it.

”Run, Ahmed, run!” is licensed under a Art Libre License

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